Chess has a huge number of books written about it




We believe that chess and libraries are an excellent fit. Chess has a huge number of books written about it - a recent search of Amazon produced over 19,000 results. By running a regular chess club at your library you would be providing a great service to your community.


We have helped a number of libraries set up and run chess clubs. Here is a list of our current library clubs - and we are keen to help more.



We can provide equipment and help you find someone to run it. We run regular training courses on teaching chess which would equip someone with the skills to run a club. Places on the courses would be free to library staff and volunteers and we would provide support. We will fund a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – formerly the CRB or Criminal Record Bureau - check for the person running the club.


Your library would also have free access to the Yes2Chess programme - a secure online chess club.


We would also be very happy to provide our curriculum for you to stock in your catalogue and workbooks for the children to use.


If your Library is interested, we would love to help so please get in touch


Here are some books ​and software​ we recommend:



The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids - Richard James



Checkmate - Kasparov Chess for Kids - Richard James

Ten Ways to Succeed Series (Openings/Middlegames/Endgames/Puzzles) - Onions and Regis ​

Winning Chess Series - Jeff ​ Coakley



Chess for Rookies - Craig Pritchett

Play Winning Chess - Yasser Seirawan

The Winning Chess Series - Yasser Seirawan

10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess - Nigel Davies


Fritz and Chesster

Dinosaur Chess

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